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Zakarin Martinez Public Relations is a boutique publicity and consulting firm that transcends the boundaries of conventional PR with multi-faceted editorial, strategic marketing, social media, corporate social responsibility, and event campaigns that generate precise media messaging for consumer and industry attention. We work across all sectors of corporate and cultural landscapes, providing the depth to understand the many layers that go into successfully creating opportunities to engage influential press, leaders, taste- makers and consumers.

Our firm has a proven reputation for creating and nurturing some of the most successful and recognizable names in the US, particularly in the luxury lifestyle, hospitality, real estate, design, philanthropy, art and culture categories. We strive to earn and maintain category leadership for our clients by understanding how to identify, shape and tell their stories through PR initiatives on a local and national level.

Our team maintains extraordinary access to the most esteemed media outlets, corporations, organizations and events, making us uniquely qualified to handle outreach and PR programs that achieve the highest-quality campaign results.